Bryan Burk is available by appointment at Dark Horse, Los Angeles CA. The Studio is located at:

4630 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90027
(323) 401-9950

Walk-Ins are welcome, but your best bet is to call the shop first to make sure someone is available to tattoo you.  Our minimum is $100, and the hourly rate is $150/hour.

About My Work:

I like to tattoo in two basic styles, or a combination of these: American "Traditional" and Japanese.  I focus on these two styles primairly because I believe it allows me to put the most effort into a intentionally limited scope.  While I usually find myself working in color, I very much enjoy black and grey work.  I love to combine the images traditionally associated with American and Japanese Tattooing into new things, and long to use
Historical and Foreign motifs to enrich my vision of American Tattooing.

I also love hearing new or wild ideas from my customers, as I find that the longer I work with people, the deeper into their hearts they go to pull out new concepts.  This is the most fun for me, and my favorite tattoos have generally come out of this process of trust and exploration between myself and my clients.

For custom designed work, I usually take a deposit of $100 that goes towards the first sitting of the tattoo; that is, once the deposit is taken and the design is made and agreed upon, $100 of the tattoo has already been paid for.  Once any custom drawing has been made, I'm willing to make alterations, but the $100 is not refundable.  For big, multi-sitting work, I like my customers to commit to at least one sitting per month.

I usually have no waiting list. If you like my work, I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks, and take care.